Why Does Car Stereo Make A Buzzing Sound and How To Get Rid of?

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Why does my car stereo make a buzzing sound? If you're asking that question, we can imagine how annoyed you are! Well, it can happen due to many reasons. Maybe there's a wiring issue, broken speakers, or a faulty amplifier. But no matter the reason, you can always find a solution.

And this article, we'll talk about all the possible reasons that might be causing this buzzing noise and how you can resolve it.

So let's get into that part, shall we?

You're not the first person wondering why my car stereo is making a buzzing noise. Honestly, it's nothing to be afraid of, as the fixes aren't that tricky.

That's why we'll discuss some common issues that can cause this ordeal and also tell you how to solve it.

Problem One: Faulty Speakers

Yes, it's one of the basic reasons that might be responsible for the buzzing noise in your car's sound system.

No matter how expensive your speaker is, they're vulnerable to wear and tear. 

Hence, faulty speakers are to blame when a car stereo makes a buzzing sound.

Faulty Speakers Problem And Solution


Firstly, you need to check if the speakers are responsible or not. You can connect the speakers to different units to examine for any complications. Moreover, you can remove the speaker's covering and check for any small holes or damages. If there's any, take it for servicing as soon as possible.

However, some faults cannot be fixed, especially when using an old piece. In that case, replacing the speakers will be a better decision. Well, that's all you need to do if the speakers make buzzing noise.

Problem Two: Wiring Issues

If the wiring in your sound system is messed up, you'll hear some buzzing or hissing noises; that's nothing surprising.

Sometimes when you reinstall the car stereo, you might not be able to connect the wires correctly. Additionally, long ground wires can also cause the same issue.

Stereo Wiring Issues


You need to rewire the whole system when you're sure that the faulty wires are causing noise issues. You can check the stereo's instruction manual for proper wiring. These ground cables also connect the stereo to the amps and speakers. So even if there's a minor issue, it needs to be fixed quickly.

And always look for loose wires and tighten them immediately. You have to ensure that every cable is connected to the right port. Once you do so, the stereo will have enough power to play your favorite music.

In addition, the ground wire of your sound system shouldn't be longer than the power cable. Always ensure that the ground wire is shorter than the power line. Otherwise, the car stereo buzzing noise will never be gone.

There's another trick you can apply when solving wiring problems. All you have to do is install an RCA cable filter to reduce sound pollution. After installing a filter, the wire-interference problems will be minimized. Then you can enjoy crystal clear sound without any trouble.

Problem Two: Amplifier Issues

Car stereo making whining noise can be a common problem if your amp is located near any electronic device, such as a tuner. Furthermore, when your car's body touches the amp, it can also cause similar problems.


Suppose the amplifier is creating buzzing noise because of any device interference. In that case, you can unbolt the whole thing and place it somewhere else. Also, don't let the amp's body touch the car's body as it can also cause sound problems.

And when it's about an external amplifier, just shut down the engine; insert a disc and keep the music paused. Now lower the volume and check if there's any buzzing or not.

After that, you can turn the volume up and play the music. In case there's any hissing or whining, reduce the gain of your amplifier, and everything will be fine.

Amplifier Issues Problem And Solution


Can low-quality wiring cause noise issues in the car stereo?

Yes, the wiring quality makes a difference in the maintenance of your car stereo. If you get cheap wires, they won't last long. And so, your stereo will make all kinds of annoying noises, not just buzzing!

How does a fully damaged car stereo sound like?

If you're only hearing rattling noises, you should know that your car stereo’s speakers are totally damaged. In that case, getting a new one will be a wise decision.

Why do I hear static noises from my car's stereo unit?

You'll hear static noises when there's dust between the stereo's jack and the connecting port. If it happens, clean the cables carefully and reconnect them to eliminate this problem.

Wrap Up

Why does my car stereo make a buzzing sound, you ask? Hopefully, you've got all your answers in the sections above. As you can see, none of these issues are beyond repair; hence, you have nothing to worry about.

Yes, some problems cannot be fixed, so you may have to replace the faulty units. And getting new speakers, amps or stereo can be a bit expensive. But it's better than spending money on maintenance frequently, so keep that in mind.

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