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How To Fix A Car Stereo That Has No Sound

You turned your car stereo on, and bang! No Music! The striking road trip turns to a “BORING TRIP.” So, how to fix a car stereo that has no sound, then? Well, the process might not be jam and bread, but if you know the basics, it can surely come in handy.

Start off by increasing the stereo volume if that doesn’t work! Now, it’s time to look through broken fuses, get the wires resolved, fix the software glitch (if there are any), and, if needed, work on the stereo speakers or get them replaced.

Yes, the fixing can be challenging, and taking expert assistance can surely be fruitful here.

So, let’s binge on fixing the music system, then!

Here in this section, our experts have shortlisted the most effective and possible ways to get your car stereo to produce high-quality sound again. So, don’t skip any of it, especially if you want the stereos to bang on some music!

Go on for the Volumes First

Just like your phone, there are times when you might’ve unintentionally lowered the stereo volumes.

Yes, it might sound silly, but it’s something pretty common among car owners.

In this case, go for increasing the volume and whether it’s the actual issue or not!

Go on for the Volumes First
Note: Try increasing and decreasing the volume a few times to confirm whether or not it’s causing the main stereo sound issue.

Get the Fuse Replaced

A blown fuse is one of the common reasons why a car stereo might not produce sound. And the reason most fuses go boom is due to issues in the amplifiers (or even pre-amp). So, what can you possibly do in such a case? Get the fuse fixed?

Apparently no! A smoked fuse can’t be fixed (and even if you try to fix it, it’s going to be a serious pain in the head). So, the only option you’ve is to get it replaced.

Get the Fuse Replaced

Now, the best fuse replacement solution would be to take the assistance of a trusted and expert mechanic to get you a durable fuse set for your stereo to bang on music again!

However, if you’re planning to take these fuses out by yourself, here’s what you need to do. First, find the fuse box and then tap on the metal parts (of the fuse) with a lamp screw to check whether they’re gone for good or not.

You can also pluck each and every fuse and check whether the fuse wiring is cracked or not. If it is, then replace them with a new one, and you’ll have your fuse ready to serve!

Fix the Software Glitch

Yep, you read it right! Software Glitch! Trust me; it’s one of the most annoying stereo hassles you can ever face as a car owner.

These “unwanted” glitches plague mostly each and every circuit board and tend to hinder your stereos from producing sound. And it’s near to impossible for the manufacturers to account for every process, input, and output.

So, the only card you can possibly play is by resetting the entire system. Painful, but that’s what you have to do!

Fix the Software Glitch

Restart by turning the system on and off again. If the standby process doesn’t work, go for a forced reset. We surely think this would work! However, if it doesn’t, there’s no available option other than going to an expert mechanic.

Get the Wires Fixed and Managed

Frayed and loose wires can be a strong reason for your stereos to remain silent, as the current simply can’t pass to the speakers. And it can also be challenging for you to get all the wires fixed and managed.

However, if you already have the fundamentals clear about fixing wires, then you surely can fix it (but it’s not a cupcake)!

First, bring out your multimeter and check the roots of these issues. Speaking from experience, the trouble always lies near the unit heads as it affects the speakers.

Get the Wires Fixed and Managed

After you know where the problem lies, binge on tweaking the wires. Check if the connection’s okay or not. Once you’re done, you need to reconnect the wires back again. In this case, you’ll require a soldering set and slowly place the wires back in their actual position.

Note: Since the process is pretty delicate, it’s recommended that you take some assistance from an expert to help you navigate your way through.

Fix or Replace the Speakers

No loose wires, software glitches, the high volumes, but still no sound! Then the speakers are GONE! So, you have two choices now: get it fixed or replaced.

To be assured, run a test on the speakers and check whether it’s good for fixing or not. If it is, you need to start by changing the fuse since blown fuses are mostly responsible for a broken speaker.

After that, get all the wiring in place and check whether any need repair. You should now have your speakers ready again! Sounds pretty simple, isn’t it? Well, it is only if you know the basics. Otherwise, you’ll definitely need expert assistance for this.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, we are certain that you should know how to fix a car stereo with no sound. However, if you still face crests and troughs during this fixing process, you can always go for the assistance of an expert mechanic. This way, you can rest assured that your stereo is in safe hands!

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