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What To Do If Car Stereo Display Not Working?

Nowadays most up-to-date cars come with stereo head units, through which the driver can tweak different settings such as controlling the volume, changing songs and much more. No matter how well built or upgraded the vehicle is, there could be issues with the stereo system.

A car stereo display not working is a common dilemma amongst car owners. If you find yourself caught up in this mess, don't worry, there are possible fixes to revive the head unit again. Display problems can be due to issues like improper dimmer settings, malfunctioning fuse, damaged or defective LCD, etc.

The good thing is that car radio LCD problems can be solved if you know the root cause. In this write-up, we will discuss the complications and how to overhaul them. Please bear with us.

Let us start with the basics. If the car stereo won't turn on with ignition or your new aftermarket stereo won't turn on in the middle of a drive, then the problem could be pretty severe. A blown fuse could be the reason behind the whole stereo going out of service. We will talk about it in the next section and tell you how to repair it.

If the problem is only the display, for instance, the head unit has power but no display to work with, then your vehicle probably has:

  • Faulty stereo head
  • Damaged LCD
  • Loose Connecting wires
  • Improper dimmer settings

Trouble Turning On the Stereo? Check the Fuse

First, you need to know that fuses are embedded in the circuit of all the electrical systems in your household or vehicles. They are an integral addition that helps disconnect the power supply automatically in case of current overflow. Blown-out fuse is a common occurrence in cars and the main reason for stereos going bad.

To fix things, it's best to replace the damaged fuse once and for all. Follow the steps below.

1. Find The Culprit

Start by locating the fuse on your car. Different cars have different placements of the fuse and can be tricky to work with. Old models might need complete removal of the stereo unit. In that case, have it checked by a pro mechanic.

Never versions are easy to access and the fuses are mostly under the passenger dashboard.

2. Replace

Once you've got hold of the fuse box, you will find a fuse diagram nearby.

Locate the radio fuse and check if there is a blowout.

If so, then replace it with a similar type. We advise you to have it checked by a professional.

check and replace the fuse

Car Radio Screen Blank Problem Due To Bad Wire Connection

Imagine chilling out listening to music on a long drive and the stereo head display going haywire. Worrying isn't it? Either the display is glitching or the car stereo has power but no display to view.

The blackout issue can be due to the faulty link between the display and the radio. The interlinking of the display is either via soldered points or connectors. Either can malfunction and stop the screen from working.

How To Fix

If your vehicle used soldering attachments, then you first need to get hold of the necessary equipment to have it fixed. Make sure you have the right wires and tools at your disposal.

Loose wire connections in those critical areas can be a menace and the main reason behind the blackouts.

Try to re-solder the connections properly and make sure they are affixed and tightened properly. If you are not comfortable with DIY work, seek professional help.

If the problem is with the mechanical connectors, then you better replace the connectors. Most vehicles will take on universal fittings, but if your radio system desires something different, see if a repair garage can come up with the desired parts.

Fixing Car Radio Screen Blank Problem

Car Stereo Display Might Have Wrong Brightness Setting

It might sound silly, but many drivers end up with a toned-down brightness and start to wonder why their radio display is not showing. This can happen when you have a kid onboard and let them handle the touch screen only to end up with a hardly operable screen.

What You Can Do To Illuminate The Screen Again

The brightness can be adjusted from the touch screen settings or it can be fixed manually by unhooking the illumination wire.

Working With Illumination Wire

If the problem is internal, you might need to get your hands to work.

That means you need to undo the stereo and locate the wire harness.

There should be an orange wire or white-orange stripe cable visible on the wire harness.

For maximum brightness, most people undo the wire completely.

Illuminate The Screen by fixing stereo wearing

Adjusting Dimmer

Stereos nowadays have dedicated buttons on the LCD or side panels that can help you to lower or increase the brightness. Mostly you will see an indicator with a light bulb marking. Use the slider or the volume buttons to set the correct brightness.

The Stereo Head Can Wear And Get Damaged

Just like all other electrical devices, your car stereo unit can deteriorate over time and stop working. For instance, you can end up with a running head unit without a viewable display. Checking on the fuse or the wiring like we mentioned above can be a good way to find a solution.

Sometimes, the problem can be just dust and debris build-up due to extensive use, which can interfere with the circuit. In most cases, simple aftercare can tune it back to life. If you can pull out the stereo and dust off the unwanted dirt, it can start working.

Due to extensive internal damage, sometimes the whole stereo can turn out to be unusable and might need a complete replacement. For best results, have it checked by a professional mechanic and let them tell you what to do.

Problematic LCD Panels

Turning up with a damaged LCD panel is nothing uncommon. Such occurrences can sometimes be a result of assembly mismanagement from the factory or you might have installed a damaged aftermarket product.

In that case, the LCD will start showing blackout or discoloration symptoms sooner or later.

With Android units, we have heard many people complain that their android head unit has power but no display.

Well, this is similar to your phone display/computer hang-up. Here a simple recalibration can work wonders.

Fixing the Problematic LCD Panels

Solution 1:

If the LCD panel is completely damaged, then you have to replace the panel. Talk to the manufacturer of your stereo brand and see if they can provide you with adequate parts. Going to a top-notch garage can have this fixed.

Solution 2:

To re-calibrate the LCD screen on the android stereo, hold on to the screen with 5 fingers. There will be a prompt when done right. It should ask for permission to calibrate the screen. Select ‘yes’, and you are done. The screen should come alive.

Final Verdict

Is your car stereo display not working? You might want to reset the functions to make it work again. How are you going to access the reset function on the menu with no display at all?

Don't worry; this is where the hard reset button comes into play. Just like you reboot a Wi-Fi router by holding/pressing a button for seconds, a stereo can be worked out similarly. There should be a small button on the stereo casing for this particular purpose.

If this method fails, you can check for impaired wiring or fuse. If you are capable enough to fix things on your own, have at it. Our advice will be to consult a mechanic and let them mend your stereo display. Good luck!

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