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Why Does Car Stereo Keep Resetting While Turning Off The Car?

It's very annoying when you find your car stereo getting restarted every now and then. Especially whenever you turn the car off, your car stereo might keep restarting, whether it's a matter of seconds or minutes. That's when you would look for an answer to why does my car stereo keep resetting?

The most common reason why a car stereo keeps restarting would be the unstable power supply connection. Some severe issues like engine or components of the head unit problems can cause this issue as well.

Leaving the car lights on for longer hours or leaving the car door open all night long are also some common reasons behind this.

These are just a few among many known and unknown reasons. Well, our article can help you with this!

Several aspects may work behind this headachy issue. But before finding a solution, you must determine the exact point.

Solutions to problems like this can never show up conjecturally. Well, if you want ideas of how the issues would look like, stay with us.

Dysfunction in Memory Wire

Let's start with one of the most common issues. Often you will find your car stereo restarting because of a malfunction in your car's memory wire.

You'll find a yellow, pretty thin wire which is most likely to lead you to the issue. Its broken frame might confuse you, but don't let it happen.

This memory wire is meant to settle the connection, period, and order for the stereo when your car is turned off. So, the dysfunction or any other issue in the wire will make the radio restart again and again.

Dysfunction in Memory Wire

After checking the wire, you might even find it altogether subtle. Then, it would help if you looked after the red wire.

The memory card will always have a running current inside it. But the red wire feels the power precisely when you turn on the car.

In short, if you find your stereo often restarting after turning the car off, consider checking the red and yellow wires in the memory card first. If there's an issue, re-establish the cord after cutting and twisting it.

Have You Looked at the Fuse Yet?

Fuse problems are another dramatic plot twist. The voltage in the stereo comes from the fuse. So, it's no rocket science that the issue with this is equal to problems with the stereo.

The damage in the fuse would cause an unsteady current supply between the stereo and the fuse. So when the problem appears, the stereo will keep resetting while leaving you with the mess of resetting your playlist every time.

This whole thing would be super annoying, we can realize. But the relief is this can be sorted. With the arrival of the resetting issue, check the fuse and see if there's any irregularity or anything.

If there is, consider fixing them as soon as possible. But if you can't address the issue, replacing the fuse would be the solution. This way, your stereo will get a firm connection.

replacing the fuse

Car's Head Unit Issues

The car's head unit is one of the most significant components. So the slightest fault in it can cause severe issues. The potential mishaps in the wire or cables of the head unit can effectively ruin the whole stereo system.

There can be several issues. Look for the appropriate connections between the wires and cables first. Although it can be anything, we're talking most common possibilities here.

If all of them are found to be in good condition, check the primary connection. If you find this loose, fix it with tape. Once fixed, we hope it won't bother you with reset hassles anymore.

However, if there's something serious, you might have to call a professional and replace the whole case. 

Power Supply Issues or Engine Issues

Can engine issues are prevalent to come up with stereo resetting problems?

Cranking in the engine will first show a warning on your stereo display. The capacitor in the engine can cause issues as well. Whatever it is, engine issues should be handled under an expert's supervision.

If you think you need to be more experienced, consider calling a professional for a new capacitor installation. Then you'll be able to stop the stereo from resetting every time you turn off your car.

Here's What Overheating Leads to!

The head unit's overheating is always the worst news. If your head unit doesn't cool down in time, it starts reacting on the radio set, leading to more stereo resets.

A mechanic can help you with this. But this problem has to be addressed in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, many other severe issues might occur.

Other Possible Issues

1. When your battery gets drained due to rain, it might start the issue of resetting your stereo.

2. Poor quality head unit components can lead to the issue as well.

Why Does My Car Clock Reset To 12: 00?

This would be the gift of resetting the issue. When your stereo resets due to engine issues, dampness in the battery, or connection issues, there's a rich possibility of all these jeopardizing your car's clock system.

The measures to these issues mentioned above will ease you from having your car clock reset to 12:00 every time you turn off the car.

Wrapping Up!

Stereo issues simply break our hearts, don't they? Well, we can't even imagine a solo trip without some soft tunes and a picnic without some rocking tunes.

But resetting the stereo every time will eat up your mind in the first few hours. Mechanics' tantrums sometimes are hard to stand.

That's why we've shown you above how you can find out the issue as well as solve them to finally get over why does my car stereo keep resetting. Good luck!

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