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Best Car Stereos with Backup Camera In 2024 – Top Models Reviewed

Automotive technology is evolving, and today’s cars are equipped with more than just AM/FM radios and music players. Car stereos have become a complete multimedia hub. Apart from keeping you entertained on the road; these things also help to ensure safety and a smooth driving experience.

How, you ask? Well. With the help of backup cameras, of course!

It sounded like a sci-fi movie to us at first, too. But nowadays, backup cameras are really a thing you’d want for your car apart from a stereo system. A good car stereo with a backup camera can offer you the finest fusion of sight and sound.

In this write-up, we will tell you about the best car stereos with backup cameras for your car, along with answers to FAQs and anecdotes about car stereos and backup cameras. So, buckle up!

Product Name


Why Best


Check Price


Double Din

Best Overall

This 7-inch touchscreen car stereo with the Mirror Link function allows you to connect to your phone and access the media contents on it while driving. The camera of this stereo is also pretty decent.

2. Hieha ‎7023B

Double Din

for ratings

It specializes in different audio features. With its Audio Focus mode, you can choose which speakers of your car would provide more sound so that your passengers can enjoy their music while you can focus on the road.

3. ATOTO F7-We

Double Din

for advance features

This one is a jam-packed solution if you want to have it all. It’s got a stereo music system with an equalizer, as well as a HD 720P camera. Reversing and parking had never been easier.

4. Pioneer DMH-241EX

Double Din

for sound quality

It truly is a pioneer when it comes to compatibility and connectivity. It also comes with the Vozsis app that you can download onto your phone and get a minimized version of select apps of your phone on the car stereo.

5. Westods WTZ-DVR-W-P09


for portability

The head unit offers a UHD split screen. This will allow you to watch videos on an HD screen while splitting the screen in two and displaying a real-time map while you’re on the go.

6. Podofo Q3461A3-AM1US

Double Din

for affordability

It is an easy to install car stereo that offers a decent camera, a good stereo and a radio with a wide array of stations that you can save.


Double Din

for Budget

If you’re looking for a value-for-money product, then this one is just what you need. It’s got an ultra-sensitive touchscreen that is very easy to use with one hand. And the camera provides a clear view of the back to ensure a safe parking.


Single Din

for flip screen

It has got a flip-screen stereo that allows you to enjoy all your multimedia on a 1080P resolution while maintaining a safe and secure connectivity on a little single-din stereo.

9. Efflemour 5-Inch

Single Din


It’s a versatile car stereo with a Mirror Link option and a 5-inch display. Another feature that we must mention is the 12-LED wick reversing camera. Compared to other cameras, this one really stands out thanks to its reversing capability.

10. Hikity 10.1 Inch

Double Din

for Large Screen

If you’re looking for a stereo with a large display screen, then this is the go-to option for you. You can watch Netflix, navigate, get a clear view of the front and the back, all in one with this stereo.

In-Depth Reviews of 10 Best Car Stereos with Backup Camera

While researching these products, We found some stuff laying out there. Whether it be reputed brands with the Have-It-Alls or budget-friendly options, you’ll have much to choose from. That’s why our list of some of the top-rated products will make your decisions a bit easier. On the list we have a different array of products, each focusing on different requirements.

1. Best Overall: SJOYBRING ‎JOY-D006 Touchscreen Car Stereo

SJOYBRING ‎JOY-D006 Touchscreen Car Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 7 Inches
  • Screen resolution: ‎1024×600
  • Amp Channel: 4-Channel
  • Wattge: ‎240 watts (4x 60)
  • EQ: 16 Band Built-In

If you are searching for the best car stereo with backup camera, then SJOYBRING ‎JOY-D006 7-inch touchscreen car stereo is good to go.

It’s a one-stop solution for multimedia and technological needs while in the car. “The Phone Mirror Link Function” & HD Touch Screen allows you to navigate through all your apps, music, phone contacts, and so much more while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

Want to know what the best part is?

It’s compatible with both iOS and Android. Which means you’ll have no trouble with pairing. Just sync your device to the mirror link function, and you’re good to go. You won’t even have to touch the screen for commands. It also operates on voice control.

What’s more, the SJOYBRING ‎JOY-D006 is equipped with a mic. It delivers excellent clarity and a built-in external jack for connecting it to a headphone or microphone. The only problem that some customers complained about was that the microphone was not clear enough. But how much clarity are we expecting from a microphone in a device that is not supposed to have a mic in the first place?

What makes the design of this stereo stand out is its ergonomics. It has a huge 1024×600 HD touchscreen. It gives you 1080p video resolution to fiddle with and allows video playback via Bluetooth 5. It offers all of that while fitting into your car’s tiny dashboard.

When it comes to helping you navigate through blind spots of your view, the SJOYBRING ‎JOY-D006 really lives up to the mark. The rear and front view cameras ensure that you can go on back gear and park safely and with ease without a hassle.

The cameras support HD night vision, so you’ll get a clear view of your surroundings in all kinds of weather and even in the dark. The controls of this stereo are almost intuitive. To turn on the cameras, simply shift into reverse mode, and the system automatically turns the cameras on.

But what about the music, you might wonder. The SJOYBRING ‎JOY-D006 has its own set of subwoofer outputs and a built-in pre-amp. Overall, it is a good stereo system for those who just want a good sound and camera for their car.

2. Top Rated: Hieha ‎7023B 7-Inch Double DIN Car Stereo

Hieha ‎7023B 7-Inch Double DIN Car Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1024 x 600 Pixels
  • Dimensions: ‎7 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • EQ: 16-band equalizer

The Hieha ‎7023B 7-inch double DIN car stereo is a versatile product with easy compatibility. It connects with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The one point that made this product so popular was its affordability. It doesn’t cost as much as the other fancy double-din car stereos in the market. But despite that, It delivers excellent sound quality, audio output, and camera performance.

Another reason why this product instantly sold out in the market right after it launched is its ultra-sensitive touchscreen. The screen can be turned on and off with a simple touch, just like the screen of a smartphone.

The Hieha ‎7023B is pretty loud and clear (pun intended) about what it delivers. It will give you optimum sound quality paired with a set of good speakers or an amp.

The head unit has a pretty decent radio, allowing you to save up to 6 of your favorite or most visited stations.

Next up is the equalizer, which allows you to manually adjust and customize the sound frequencies of your music. It also has many different presets you can just tap to select, and you’ll instantly get the equalization you want.

With its newest innovation, “Audio Focus,” you can manually select which speakers will be playing the music or which will be playing the most. If you’re sitting alone in the driver’s seat, you can choose your audio to go to the front.

This is also a good way to tell if your speakers are working properly.

The double-din car stereo with backup camera and navigation is solely designed for a safe driving experience and a premium audio listening experience while you’re at it. The touchscreen comes with easy gestures and touch features to live up to that. They allow you to control and command the device effortlessly with a one-touch on-and-off feature that you can simply tap to turn the screen on and off.

A drag-down menu opens many settings, including the mute button and a bar that allows you to manually adjust the screen’s brightness. The feature can also dim the screen light with a tap.

The music, radio, or whatever you’re playing will continue even when the screen is turned off. This will help you keep your focus on the road while you’re driving.

The stereo can be connected in two ways: via Bluetooth or with a USB cable or flash drive. Both connectivity options ensure a secure connection and operate smoothly.

It also supports many different video formats and images. You can play short videos and movies in the car and even look at pictures on the screen. The 7-inch display provides a decent resolution, and the video playback is smooth.

The screen displays the song title, the artist’s name, and the album’s name if the song information is given in the file. Although the display does not load the album art, we’ll cut the unit some slack.

Although, the clarity might be a question to network reception, and the person on the other end of the call might find your voice a bit sonic-y while you’re on the go. But that set aside, the call quality is clear speaker and microphone-wise.

Regardless of your device, you can use a single USB cable to connect the unit with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Even if you left your cable at home or it’s not working, you can still access the feature via Bluetooth.

After the connection, you’ll see that the screen has been split into two sections. One shows the map for your navigation, and the other shows the music you’re playing.

The Phone Link feature gives you access to all the essential apps on your phone. You can play music, use the map to navigate, make and receive calls, and even read texts on the go.

The rearview camera has HD night vision, giving you a clear view of what is behind. This is especially helpful in the dark or when parking in a tight spot. The rearview camera also helps you to take a U-turn.

3. Most Advanced: ATOTO F7-We 7-Inch Car Stereo

ATOTO F7 WE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1024*600 Pixels
  • Dimensions: 8.98 x 5.83 x 5.55 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Power output (wattage): 4*45 or 180 Watts
  • EQ: A 10-band equalizer

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, the ATOTO F7-YS102-UD01 is your jam. It’s a double-din stereo ruling the markets right now, and for good reason.

While some companies may only support one of them, this double DIN vehicle stereo supports wired and wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, and wired Mirror Link (AutoLink) for Android and iOS.

When you’re running wired CarPlay or Android Auto, your phone’s battery will charge rapidly thanks to a built-in specialized charging protocol. It supports running navigation from CarPlay or Android Auto while listening to music in the background.

You may enjoy an audio feast with the help of a 10-band EQ with 7 presets, Time Correction, and Bass Filter capabilities. HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP are supported by Bluetooth 5.0 for hands-free calling and audio streaming. Although some audiophiles may not be fully satisfied with the built-in amps. But they’re just being picky.

As long as they are available on your phone, you can use iOS Maps or Google Maps/Waze on the HD screen of the F7 with a special hardware solution to connect CarPlay/Android Auto.

If we get straight to the business, the camera of the ATOTO F7-we is HD 720P. This is a milestone in car rearview cameras because most other brands only support up to 480–600-line cameras.

You can look into the rearview while the car moves forward with the live rear view (LRV) capability (ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera required). The ATOTO AC-44F5 steering wheel wireless remote is an excellent choice if your OEM steering wheel control functions are still functional.

Even in highly lit areas, the High-definition genuine 1024 × 600P QLED touch screen can provide an excellent screen-viewing experience.

HD definition navigation may be seen on the screen thanks to its high sensitivity and a 178° full-viewing angle. There are two USB ports: one is for Phone Link (CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link), and the other is for external storage and multimedia playback that reads up to 2TB SSD.
There is also an SD card slot which reads up to 512 GB SD card.

The front panel is 172 mm/97 mm. It may be used with practically any installation dash kit brand (such as Metra, Scosche, PAC, etc.) with a double DIN aperture to create a seamless dashboard appearance.
For system enhancements and new feature additions, ATOTO continuously provides firmware updates. The ATOTO online support system (AOCSS) has update notifications available.

One of the things about car stereos that seem to annoy a lot of customers is the boot-up duration.

Usually, car stereos take almost forever to start, and who likes to sit in the car waiting for the radio to finally turn on? The ATOTO F7-We is an exception in this factor. It takes just around 3 seconds to boot up and get going.

4. Best for Sound Quality: Pioneer DMH-241EX Double DIN Receiver

Pioneer DMH-241EX Double DIN Receiver
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 6.2-inch
  • Display resolution: 800*480 Pixels
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 6 x 9.6 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Max Power output: 200 (50*4)
  • EQ: 13-Band Graphic

If you want to play your jam in your car and have a couple of safety cameras here and there, then you could go for the Pioneer DMH-241EX.

You might be wondering why this thing is called a receiver in the first place.

Well, that’s because the DMH-241EX is a digital media receiver. It is designed to provide an improved entertainment experience while ensuring a secure connection with your smartphone. This is not an ordinary car stereo. It’s a digital multimedia receiver with a built-in tuner.

The DMH-241EX double din head unit with backup camera is connectable in two ways: via Bluetooth and through USB. It supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces.

The Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to stream music directly from your phone and make and receive phone calls with the scar speaker and mic hands-free.

You can also operate the receiver remotely with your device via Bluetooth with the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). The A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) also allows high-quality audio streaming from any audio device to the receiver.

Another feature of the DMH-241EX that makes it stand out is WebLink. This is like a bridge between a smartphone and a car stereo.

The WebLink feature lets you connect to your phone and boom! You can access a selection of apps on your phone from the stereo screen. Here’s a little tip: get the Pioneer Vozsis app on your Android or iPhone, and you can command Amazon Alexa to do various tasks, such as turning the volume up and down, delivering weather reports, ordering stuff online, and so much more using voice commands.

We categorized the DMH-241EX under the ‘sound quality’ section because of its 13-band equalizer. The equalizer has a wide range of presets and 13 separate bands that allow you to manually adjust the sound signature of the music you’re playing.

This, connected with an amp or a subwoofer using the preamp outputs, will deliver you just the right punch you need to set the mood for a party anywhere you go.

You’ll need a wired connection with the unit and your brakes to connect with the parking brake. If connected and set up correctly, you can view a live video of the back of the car through the rear camera with the unit. Setting this up can be a hassle if you’re doing it for the first time. But you can always look it up on the internet and self-teach yourself.

5. Best Portable: Westods WTZ-DVR-W-P09 Navigation Stereo

Westods WTZ-DVR-W-P09 Portable Navigation Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 9.3-inch
  • Display resolution: 1600*600 pixels
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Power output (wattage): 240W
  • Weight: 3.32 pounds

If portability is what you seek, then we have just the right product to serve your needs. Introducing the Westods WTZ-DVR-W-P09 Navigation Head Unit.

The wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, voice control, and touchscreen dash camera with loop recording all come included in thes head unit. A HD IPS touch screen along with a dependable Bluetooth and FM transmission are also features of the device. 

It’s portable, compared to its other counterparts in the market. The stereo fits a variety of automobiles and is easy to install.

Its features include wireless connectivity with your smart device via the CarPlay app or Android Auto. This connects via both Bluetooth and Wi-fi. It helps you stay connected and alert about the notifications on your phone while you’re on the go.

The feature can also be activated with voice control and it receives and executes commands via Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Siri. But you really need to be in a noise-free environment for the voice assistant to pick up the voice commands correctly. The microphone tends to catch onto the smallest bits of noise, which can be a tad bit annoying sometimes.

The radio installed into this unit is operable via Bluetooth, and it’s a safe and useful tool for making phone calls hands-free as well as audio streaming.

With a 1600 × 600 resolution and a 178° full-viewing angle, the car DVR's HD IPS screen enhances the watching experience and creates a larger visual impression. Important information, including navigational prompts, can be seen more clearly than on a conventional display screen.

The rear camera is an essential part of an aftermarket car stereo. This product provides you with not one, but two of them. One on the front, and one at the back. Both the front and the back cameras are AHD and provide a 2.5K resolution. The dashcam with an ultra-resistant touchscreen supports split screen.

Both the front view and rear-view views can be shown on the screen simultaneously when you reverse. It’s safer and more efficient. The 64G TF card is included in the package. Once it is inserted, the system will immediately go into recording mode.

Installing this automobile HD DVR on the dashboard will keep your vehicle's original components intact. With voltage ranging from 7 to 32 volts, it may be used with all kinds of vehicles, including trucks, vans, and campers.

6. Best Affordable: Podofo Q3461A3-AM1US Double DIN Stereo

Podofo Q3461A3-AM1US Double DIN Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 800*400 Pixels
  • Dimensions: 7.01 x 3.94 x 1.81 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Power output (wattage): 4x45 W
  • EQ: 16-band equalizer

If you’re on a tight budget but still want the best car stereo with backup camera and GPS, you better opt for a Podofo Q3461A3-AM1US double-din stereo receiver.

This is a product targeted towards customers on a budget who are not ready to compromise with features or sound quality or anything for that matter.

Despite being a budget-friendly unit, it comes with an array of features that can easily get it to compete with the higher-end stereos in the market.

Starting with the connectivity, the Podofo Q3461A3-AM1US supports Android Auto navigation and CarPlay on most iOS and Android handsets.

You can use the original data cable provided with your smartphone to connect the stereo to your device. The cabled connection lets you access your phone’s music library directly from the stereo.
You can also use the cable to receive texts, make calls, and send texts via voice typing and voice commands with your device’s digital assistant.

This will enable you to fully concentrate on driving without getting distracted by the stereo. At the same time, it continues to do its work silently (or loudly).

As mentioned, the product’s affordability is not a shortcoming but an additional benefit. The automobile audio receiver has the latest wireless Bluetooth technology. This tech supports hands-free calling, phone book downloads, and audio streaming media playback.

It is equipped with a high-quality FM stereo radio receiver for listening to channel broadcasts, forecasts for the weather, and real-time traffic information. It can save up to 18 radio stations, so you can listen to your favorite station without fumbling around.

The steering wheel readily controls song switching, hands-free calling, and volume control. It’s more practical in reducing the risk of distracted driving.

It does not come with a rearview camera. You’ll need to plug an external rear vision camera into the double din stereo to have a complete wide-angle view.

When the rear-view camera is connected, the car radio display instantly switches to the rear-view details. This will instantly turn it into an all-in-one, easy-to-install night-vision-enabled waterproof safety aid for your car.

7. Best Budget: BOSS BVCP9700A-C 7 Inch Double Din Car Stereo

BOSS BVCP9700A-C 7 Inch Double Din Car Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels
  • Dimensions: 5.67 x 6.71 x 3.8 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Power output (wattage): 4x85 W

Few products in the market make you feel like every penny you spent behind it was worth it. The BVCP9700A-C 7-inch double-din car stereo is one such unit.

For those seeking a dependable and reasonably priced car stereo that provides quality sound and essential features, the BOSS BVCP9700A-C is a great investment.

It’s got all the features that a top-notch car stereo ought to have, including Bluetooth audio and calling, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an ultra-sensitive touchscreen that makes the unit dance at the tip of your fingers (literally!).

Although, you might feel like you need more clarification if you look up this product online. It has mixed reviews. Some people are extremely satisfied with how easy it is to install this and get going, along with its sound quality. Others have complained that the unit’s audio does not work properly and that the radio keeps losing memory.

But this only tends to happen when using Apple CarPlay on this unit. You can still connect your device manually using a USB cable, and it works just fine. This could be a small compatibility issue and not a major flaw of the product. Hopefully, they’ll get it fixed in the upcoming upgrades.

All in all, most customers were pretty satisfied with its design. The design of this product is not only sturdy and durable, but the knobs and the buttons on the front USB/Aux/SD ports bring back a sense of old-school nostalgia.

The BVCP9700A-C is a good value-for-money aftermarket car stereo with backup camera.

8. Best Flip Out: UNITOPSCI A2768 Flip Out Head Unit

UNITOPSCI A2768 Flip Out Head Unit
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 7-inch
  • Display resolution: 1024x600 pixels
  • Dimensions: 7.01 x 5.39 x 1.97 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Power output: 4*60 or 240 Watts

Feeling bored reading so many reviews of car stereos of the same type? Here’s something new on the table.

Remember old flip phones? The way the screen of those phones flipped open to give you a sci-fi movie feeling is still a successful technological advancement that manufacturers look back on.

What if the same technology is added to your car stereo? Yes, you read that right. The UNITOPSCI single-din 7-inch unit has a flip screen.

This single din head unit supports 1080P video format, AUX/USB/SD playback, Bluetooth hands-free radio, seven-color backlight, and memory cards up to 32GB.

It has a 4.1-inch digital screen. You can enjoy music, films, news, and traffic updates whenever and wherever you choose with high-quality digital FM radio in HQ stereo output. It supports hands-free calling, wireless Bluetooth music, answering calls, and hanging up phones with just a button.

It also has a built-in microphone and Bluetooth technology, freeing you from the hassle of holding your phone in hand to use it while driving.

The UNITOPSCI ensures your car’s parking and reversing safety with its 4.1-inch car stereo, a backup camera, and a 12-LED rearview camera.

These cameras are IPX 67 waterproof and have 170° wide-angle color lenses. This car radio also includes a remote control, a steering-wheel control, and an easily switchable car radio feature.

Enjoy music and videos freely, and see song lyrics and names when music is playing with this single-din flip out audio receiver.

It’s the best single din car stereo with backup camera capable of producing audio and video in a single direction, which many customers search for. Those of you looking for a double din stereo, or a multidirectional video player may not fancy this product that much.

The UNITOPSCI is super easy to install. Just attach power to the 12V DC by using the connections mentioned here. Connect the red cable to the ACC, the yellow one to the positive end of the battery, and the black cable to the negative one, and you’re good to go.

9. Best Compact: Efflemour 5-Inch Display Single Din Receiver

Efflemour Single Din 5-inch Display Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 5-inch
  • Display resolution: 1280*720 pixels
  • Dimensions: 7.4 x 1.97 x 3.23 inches
  • Amp channel: 2
  • Power output (wattage): 240 Watts

Regarding compactness and compatibility, nothing beats the Efflemour multimedia receiver. This product is especially recommended for those with a smaller car dashboard but still want a stereo with a touchscreen display.

The display of this stereo is only 5 inches, taking up less real estate in your car while providing you all the functions and features that the 6 or 7-inch ones would.

The unit is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

To pair it with your phone, simply connect your smartphone to the device to gain access to map navigation, phone contacts, email, notifications, and the ability to make calls, navigate, and play music. Although it does not support voice commands from neither Android nor Apple platforms.

Avoid having to look down at your phone while driving by using the voice assistant to get things done while you’re on the road.

The Efflemour car stereo is easily compatible with both Android and iPhone. The ‘stereo phone connection’ supports connectivity with most cell phones.

Mirror-link allows your smartphone’s content, including movies, games, and navigational tools, all to be displayed synchronously on the car stereo screen.

With the stereo’s hands-free Bluetooth system, which enables simple smartphone pairing (built-in clear mic), you can answer your critical phone calls without diverting your focus from the road. Your smartphone or Bluetooth can connect wirelessly and reliably to an audio stream.

Efflemour gives you an excellent music-listening experience!

A special 12-LED wick reversing camera is included with the stereo, giving you better night vision distance. The 5-inch touchscreen will show the reverse image as soon as you engage reverse. Secure the reversing you do every day seamlessly and effortlessly with the back camera.

The Efflemour capacitive screen system has superior sensitivity and accuracy compared to resistive screens on competing stereos. The conventional physical buttons are eliminated as the full-touch solution takes the stage.

The experience of interacting with humans and computers is substantially improved. You can now feel how smoothly everything is operating on the car screen! The HD LCD screen’s expert tuning provides a wonderful viewing experience.

10. Best for Large Screen: Hikity 10.1 Inch GPS Navigation Car Stereo

Hikity 10.1 Inch GPS Navigation Car Stereo
Technical Specs:
  • Display size: 10.1-inch
  • Display resolution: 1024*600 pixels
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 2.1 x 5.6 inches
  • Amp channel: 4
  • Power output (wattage): 4*45 or 180
  • EQ: 4-band equalizer

Its Wi-Fi capability was the first thing that made this product so popular despite being so big.

You can use this bad boy to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming platforms in the car while on the go. Just turn the hotspot of your device on and connect.

You’ll find all the data you require available right there on the display. Surely, they did not make the screen so large just for navigation, did they?

Another really cool thing about this stereo is its HEREWeGo app. The unit is basically a GPS-enabled car radio receiver with pre-loaded offline maps.

If you connect your phone’s hotspot to it, you can also access online maps and GPS. Apart from that, you can also download apps from the Google Play store, including those for YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, and other services.

Many of you are Android users looking for a car stereo specifically designed to pair with Android devices. The Hikity 10.1-inch GPS Navigator is just the right product for you.

Its quad-core Android operating system and the 1024 × 600 high-definition capacitive 2.5D tempered glass touch screen ensure slick performance and quick responses.

You can also adjust the brightness and turn the screen on and off using the touchscreen. When turned on, the panel’s button lighting allows for nighttime visibility.

The equalizer of this stereo is something that must be mentioned. It’s got 12 different presets, along with the option for customizing your own sound signature. There are 18 preset stations on the FM radio, and you can save your favorite ones.

Although this stereo runs on an Android OS, it also pairs smoothly with iOS devices. Mirror Links allow you to enjoy watching videos on the screen by syncing your Android or iOS smartphone screen with the stereo display.

Speaking of pairing and connectivity, the device has built-in Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, which supports hands-free calling, phone book syncing, and streaming music.

Two Key/SW wires for analog steer wheel control, hand-free phoning, an easy music switch, and volume control are all manual functions that require learning before use. This might seem like a bit of work if you don’t have the time or patience.

When you turn on the back camera of the Hikity, you’ll realize that it’s up to some serious business.
Suppose you activate the reverse gear on the car radio’s waterproof night vision reversing camera. In that case, the car stereo will instantly show the rear-view image. Additionally, you can add a USB dashcam to it since it enables video input.

Purchasing A Car Stereo for The First Time? Keep These in Mind

If you are planning to buy a car stereo with a reverse camera for the first time, then here are some things that you ought to look out for.


Not all products you purchase will be compatible with your car and your phone. Ensure the car stereo and reverse camera are compatible with your vehicle's make and model. Some systems may require specific wiring harnesses or adapters.

Camera Type and Quality

Select the reverse camera type you want. License plate, bumper, and rearview mirror cameras are just a few of the alternatives.

Select the one that best fits the needs of your installation and car. Take the camera's resolution and picture quality into account.

Clearer views from higher-resolution cameras are beneficial for safety. Make sure the camera has a water resistance rating, especially if it will be outdoors. For durability, look for an IP67 or higher-grade waterproofing.

Wiring and Installation

Take installation simplicity into account. While some systems may only be installable by professionals, others may be do-it-yourself friendly. Verify that the wiring is appropriate for your car's electrical system.


When buying a car stereo with an integrated display, look at the monitor's size, resolution, and touchscreen capabilities. A bigger, higher-resolution screen means a better viewing experience.

Audio Features

Consider the stereo's audio features, such as its ability to play music through Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and other sources, the audio quality, and the equalization choices.


Money matters. Whether you are on a tight budget or want to buy the best product out there regardless of its cost, you need to consider whether it's worth its price.

A good way of doing this is by deciding on a budget and selecting a system that falls inside it. Keep in mind that more expensive systems might offer a superior build quality and more functionality.

To Sum It Up

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can choose the Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera that best meets your preferences, improves your driving experience, and increases safety while driving. All the best with your new gear!

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