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How To Make Your Car Stereo Sound Better

As an audiophile, you want to enjoy every beat of your favorite music with clear instrument sounds, smooth bass, accurate frequency, and sharp high-pitched notes. If the built-in stereo in your car doesn't provide all these, it's time to crank it up!

So, how to make your car stereo sound better? First, you need to upgrade the existing stereo parts like the stereo itself, its speakers, amplifier, and head unit. Besides, adding high-end components such as a subwoofer, an equalizer, a Bluetooth kit, etc., will help.

Apart from the upgrades, adjusting the bass, frequency, treble, and sound will also drastically improve the audio quality. Finally, you can use sound-deadening materials to eliminate all types of noise and enjoy music to the fullest.

Let's go through the ways of making a car stereo sound better and find out which one works the best for you.

Except for the highly expensive vehicles, most built-in car stereos provide only Okay-ish audio that lacks clarity and bass. So, upgrading the existing components or adding some will enhance the audio quality to a great extent.

Below is a list of components you'll need to get the best sound from your stereo. If you're on a budget, upgrade or install only the first three components. Otherwise, go for all of them for the smoothest experience.


As expected, the quality of your vehicle's factory speakers isn't up to the mark. Replacing them with high-quality ones will provide better audio with improved clarity.

For the best sound, you can purchase component speakers instead of coaxial ones.

However, mid-range stereo speakers also offer decent audio quality. You must choose compatible aftermarket speakers that work well with your car's head unit.

Installing car Speakers


Installing an aftermarket amplifier or upgrading the existing one will improve the audio quality in many ways. It enhances the audio signal going to the speakers so that you can catch every detail of the produced sound.

Besides, an amplifier provides a dedicated channel for your subwoofer. With a good-quality amplifier, your car speakers will produce clearer, louder, and more powerful sound.

Installing an aftermarket amplifier


If you want to feel the low frequencies and improve the bass, you must install a subwoofer to your head unit. As high-end subwoofers come with in-built amps, you won't need to spend anything extra on two different devices.


Sometimes you might get distorted audio even after upgrading all the mentioned units. In this case, your car stereo may have deteriorated. So, upgrading to a better car stereo will be a wise decision to make your car stereo sound better.


This is a must-have if you want to master music. Audio equalizers offer full control of the sound frequency allowing you to alter its quality however you want. Besides, if you have installed an aftermarket amp or subwoofer, it will help you to reset the equalization curves of your stereo. As a result, the stereo will perform optimally.

Head Unit

Will a new head unit make speakers sound better? Well, you can consider replacing your old head unit with a new DAC-equipped one that will smoothen the conversion of audio from your phone to the stereo.

Also, some old-model vehicles don't have any real output on their head units. Hence, upgrading the unit is essential to install an amplifier for such vehicles.

consider replacing your old head to new one

Wires and Jacks

You might experience distorted audio in case the stereo wires or jacks are worn-out or peeled. Replace the CCA wires with high-quality RCA cables to sufficiently power your amp and subwoofer.

How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound?

Apart from the upgrades, making adjustments to the audio settings will also boost the stereo sound. Sometimes we tend to adjust the equalizer to change the frequency in the wrong way. You should know that increasing the bass doesn't always improve the sound quality.

In fact, it can end up producing distorted sounds. Also, some people think their sound system requires more treble. While in reality, your subwoofer might produce better sound with more bass instead of more treble.

So, try lowering the mid-tones and treble while the bass is in the middle range. Instead of turning up the bass, raise the speaker volume. Also, make sure the speakers are set to the same volume to eliminate echo and distortion.

How Can I Make My Factory Car Stereo Sound Better?

Apart from installing new subwoofer, amp, and speakers, using high-resolution music files is also necessary. Using small, compressed files decreases the sound quality. So, play larger, less compressed digital files and CDs with a better format to enjoy your long journeys.

Wrapping Up!

So, now you know how to make your car stereo sound better. Although you have to spend some bucks to get the right components, the improved sound quality will be worth every penny. If the audio remains the same even after making the changes, take your vehicle to an expert to detect the issue and fix it.

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