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How To Connect Soundbar To Car Stereo

If you don't want to spend a fortune on high-end speakers, you can consider installing a sound bar in your car to enhance stereo performance. Although soundbars are designed for domestic uses, you can connect them to your car with a few alterations.

So, how to connect soundbar to car stereo? First, you need to purchase an AC power inverter if your car doesn't already have one. You must select a suitable spot and carefully mount the soundbar. Next, connect the speaker wires of your car stereo to the soundbar wires.

When you're done, check the connection by turning on your car stereo. Let's get into the details and learn how to effectively install a soundbar in your vehicle.

First things first, you must know the difficulties of installing a soundbar in your vehicle. Otherwise, you might end up being frustrated and wasting your time and money.

Here are the troubles you have to deal with-

Compatibility Issues

As you might know, soundbars aren't designed to be used in cars. This home device is intended for rooms of standard shape and size. Also, it is constructed to function optimally in stable temperatures.

So, even if you install the device in your car, there are chances it might not perform well or expire too soon.

Requires Power Source

A soundbar is a powered speaker that requires a power outlet to function. Hence, if your vehicle doesn't have an AC outlet, you have to purchase an AC power inverter. Besides, the device should be powerful enough to provide loud and clear sound. Keep in mind the extra expense before connecting a soundbar to your vehicle.

Might Drain Your Car Battery

A good-quality soundbar will pull a considerable amount of power from your car battery. As a result, you might have to change the battery more often. Also, it will negatively affect your vehicle's electric system.

Mechanical Damage

Compared to car speakers, a regular soundbar is a considerably larger and heavier device that takes up a wide space inside your car. Therefore, it will be a hassle to find a suitable space without the risk of any mechanical damage. If you choose to mount it overhead, you might bump into the device's body while getting inside the vehicle.

Also, loose nuts and bolts can cause the soundbar to fall off during sudden breaks.

6 Steps of Connecting Soundbar to Your Car

Only a few steps are required to successfully connect a soundbar to your car stereo. Follow the method provided below to perform the task without any damage.

Step One - Collect Necessary Tools

Tool requirements will vary depending on where you'll mount the soundbar. Typically, getting a screwdriver, wire cutter, drill, nuts and bolts, speaker wires, and a metallic plate is enough for DIY installation. Got all these tools in hand? Let's proceed to the next step then.

Step Two - Take Safety Measures

Wear rubber-made gloves to avoid getting electrocuted and protect your hands from dirt. Turn off your car engine and remove the whole car battery if possible. Otherwise, disconnect its negative terminal only. Finally, park your vehicle in a safe place before you start work.

Step Three - Select A Mounting Space

Some common places to mount the soundbar include the car top, back seat, car trunk, and the space under the seat. A few alterations might be needed to safely install the device.

According to most vehicle owners, sound bars look best on the car top while the back seat or trunk is a more convenient place for its setup. Select a suitable location according to your comfort.

Step Four - Mount the Soundbar

Typically, soundbar package includes mounting brackets, screws, and other necessary items required for installation.

Use the mounting brackets to place the soundbar and fasten it with screws. A screwdriver will help fit it snugly.

If necessary, drill some holes and tighten the device using nuts and bolts. Also, a metallic plate will be helpful if you're placing it in your car trunk.

Mount the Soundbar

Step Five - Connect the Wires

First, detach the stereo from its slot. Locate the speaker wires and attach them to the soundbar.

Connect the soundbar wire to car stereo

After that, you need to connect the stereo to the soundbar. Refer to the user manual provided with the soundbar to understand which wires you should attach to make a secure connection.

Strip off the wire coatings with a wire cutter and attach the exposed ends using your hands. You can also use an insulator to protect the connection.

Finally, attach the speaker wires to the rear side of the stereo. When you're done, place the stereo back in its slot.

Step Six - Test the Connection

Replace the car battery and check if all the connections are secure. Change your car program if needed.

Now, turn on your stereo and see if the soundbar is working. And your job is done!

Test the car stereo

Wrapping Up!

That was all about how to connect soundbar to car stereo. While installing the device, make sure you're strictly following the given instructions.

Also, don't forget to hook up an AC inverter before you install a soundbar in your vehicle. If you got the wiring wrong, check out the user manual or ask an expert to make a secure connection.

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