Where To Plug RCA Cables In Head Unit?

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Whether you're installing a subwoofer or an amplifier to your car stereo, you must know where to plug RCA cables in head unit. In its simplest form, a 2-channel car stereo has two RCA channels on its back.

The red socket is for the red RCA cable of your amp or sub while the white channel is for the white one. You'll notice 'R' and 'L' written beside the channels for easier connection.

In case there are more than 2 channels or outputs on your stereo, you can use them to connect front and rear speakers or a subwoofer. Again, you must match the colors of the RCA cables and the stereo channels.

Let's get deeper into the details and find out which RCA cable goes where in your stereo's head unit.

On a car stereo, RCA outputs are a set of channels or sockets provided for connecting devices like an amplifier or subwoofer. Here, the connection is made by using RCA cables that easily fit in the RCA outputs on a stereo.

As for their function, RCA outputs send a signal to the connected device (amp or subwoofer) which can be enhanced to improve the sound quality of your car audio.

what is a rca output in a head unit

Where Do RCA Cables Go In Head Unit?

As mentioned, the RCA cables from an amp or sub, or speaker will go into the RCA channels or outputs present on the back portion of your car stereo. You need to separate the car stereo from your dashboard to expose the RCA outputs.

In case you're wondering what the RCA outputs on a stereo look like, here's a short description. RCA outputs feature at least two color-coded round prongs on the back of a car stereo. In more advanced stereos, there are six or more prongs that are typically red, white, and yellow in color.

Here, the red RCA outputs are for the right audio input or output. You'll notice the word 'R' marked beside each red RCA output. So, any red RCA cable from a device will go directly into the red RCA output of your stereo.

Similarly, white RCA outputs on a stereo are for the left audio input or output.

These outputs are marked with the letter 'L' on a car stereo.  You must connect the white RCA cables to the white stereo outputs of your car.

As for the yellow ones, these RCA outputs are for video input or output. Again, match the colors of the RCA cables and outputs for a secure connection.

connect the RCA cables to the stereo outputs

Remember, these color codes are the CTIA standard codes for car stereo RCA outputs. If your stereo has different colors for its outputs or channels, refer to the wiring diagram head unit RCA output for your specific stereo model.

Wrapping Up!

So, where to plug RCA cables in head unit? Now you know the answer. As most car stereos have color-coded RCA outputs, it's not very difficult to match the colored RCA cables to connect an amp or sub.

All you need to do is locate the RCA outputs on the back of your head unit and connect the right and left audio outputs correctly. After that, you can enjoy high-quality music whenever you want!

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