How Many Watts Is Good For A Car Stereo?

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Music tends to calm the road noises down. But with the car factory stereo, low wattage would be as good as a numb approach. In this particular case, you need to switch to a stereo that comes with more volume for you while you're on the road. You might need a car stereo with higher watts.

But before everything, you must know how many watts is good for a car stereo. A perfect stereo-watt combo is one that beats the road noises. For this, your car stereo needs not less than 20 RMS watts per duct.

Reaching this power would require the peak wattage to range around 60-80 watts. The system should be labelled accordingly as well.

However, there's much more to catch up with regarding this topic. Scroll down to learn everything significant.

A road trip without some melodies feels exceptionally tedious especially when you're out with some friends.

But before you can think of making the stereo keep up with your mood, you need to know the differences between different stereos and the appropriate wattages for them.

So, now we're going to discuss some of the facts you need to learn about car stereos.

Car Stereo Wattage Explained

The car stereo wattage is the unit that decides how much power your car’s stereo will get and how much volume it will offer. Anyway, when you are about to sign up for a car stereo wattage, you must focus on the RMS wattage, not the peak one.

Peak wattage just indicates the peak power's maximum capacity to handle or offer. On the contrary, RMS wattage represents the continuous power and volume the speaker will ever be able to produce for longer hours. 

While buying stereo sets, be careful whether you're buying a peak wattage or an RMS one. The trick of converting one to RMS one is multiplying 0.7071 with the peak wattage.

How Many Watts Is A Factory Car Stereo?

Let's start detailing the topic with the most common factory car stereo maths. Most factory models of car stereos are stamped as 200 watts.

This means the RMS conversion would be 10-15 watts. But more wattage is needed for providing high-quality audio with the loudest volumes.

Average Factory Car Stereo Wattage

Mostly 200W is the average factory car stereo wattage. But the wattage might vary depending on your devices.

You have to consider the brand, size and other related aspects while deciding which wattage your car holds. The details will be written on the manual or the device.

Average Factory Car Stereo Wattage

Appropriate Wattage for Factory Car Stereo

50-60 watts would be more than enough for your regular factory stereo. But again, the maths would vary depending on your car's brand and other details.

How Many Watts Does A Head Unit Put Out?

This depends on what stereo you have. If you haven't made any upgrades and still are using the factory stereo, then about 50-200 watts will be enough.

But the question remains in the case of a stereo upgrade. If you want your music to reach your heart with the greatest quality ever, consider installing a better stereo and ensuring 200-300 watts. 

What Car Stereo Has the Most Watts?

Almost everyone is so into buying a stereo with the most watts. Usually, watts for car stereos vary from 8-200 watts.

But the numbers shouldn't be your only concern of yours. You must consider the quality and other aspects as well.

There are car stereos that put up to 1000 watts, but neither they're used commonly, nor they're reliable. So, the best-used car stereo with the most watts would be 200-300 watts.

There are car stereos that put up to 1000 watts, but neither they're used commonly, nor they're reliable. So, the best-used car stereo with the most watts would be 200-300 watts.

On our list, we have a double Din car stereo which comes with 200 watts on the top. It has a 7-inch display which we legitimately love the most.

You can look into the details of each stereo to make up your mind on what car stereo you want.

double din car stereo

What Is a Good Wattage For Car Stereo?

200-300 wattage would be good enough for your car stereo. And it's so true that better wattage means louder and cleaner sound quality.

But this should go with your car brand. So before you think about getting a higher wattage, make sure you've upgraded your car stereo brand. Thus, your stereo will be all up for keeping up with higher wattage.

Wrapping Up!

Wattage maths is essential for having a better sound quality. The more the wattage, the better the sound quality.

You'll get to hear more detailed sounds from your stereo. But with the wattage, you must be careful about the aspects like the size of the display, the sound quality, and, most significantly, compatibility with your car brand.

Then you can decide on how many watts is good for a car stereo. Anyway, we hope our article has explained the appropriate equation between your car and stereo well.

Good luck on your new journey with the best sound quality from your car stereo with the right wattage.

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