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How To Install A Touch Screen Car Stereo – Step By Step Guide

We all become super serious when it comes to the drive-time-music hours! However, if you think owning an old car with a faulty old-fashioned stereo is the end of the world, you're wrong. There's no car model which can't afford a new touchscreen installation process.

So, this blog will let you know how to install a touch screen car stereo most effectively as possible. Therefore, without further ado, let’s binge on!

Although it might sound too good to be true, installing a touchscreen stereo is easier than it sounds. And you would need the bare minimum stuff to get this whole thing done.

First, check out the tools you're going to need:

  • Wire Strippers
  • Wire crimpers
  • Pry tools
  • Nut drivers
  • Head screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver

You can find these tools in every toolbox, or you can simply get them from your nearby hardware store. However, now check out the installation accessories you're going to need:

  • Zip ties
  • 18-22 gauge pink butt connectors
  • 14-14 gauge blue butt connectors
  • Stereo installation kit
  • Wiring harness

Now let's start with the step-by-step process of installation.

Step 1: Disconnect the Battery

The reason you would be disconnecting the battery is for safety. You don't want power flowing through the vehicle while you're on the installation!

Otherwise, the leakages might lead to blown fuses (in the worst case, a fire outbreak) which are the last things you would want. You can turn the battery down from either the negative or the positive side.

Doing it from the negative side would be a more convenient option. You need to go ahead with a ratchet. Hit the battery hold-down bracket to prevent fuse pop or any electrical shorts.

Note: While ratcheting, ensure you don't hit any metal accessories around the battery.

Step 2: Remove the Factory Stereo

Removing the factory stereo might not be the same for all car models. But it's similar on some levels. Start from the bottom and gradually go up while doing the process. You first must be careful about finding the resistance points on the panel. Make sure that you aren't prying on something that's screwed down!

Take your tools, pry the cover panel from the bottom of the stereo up, and take it out.

You'll find some wire connections there; disconnect those before removing the panel.

After that, take your head screwdriver to deal with the head screws that hold the panel in the top part.

removing factory head unit

Once you clipped off the panel, pull it from the bottom so that the system doesn't get damaged. Afterwards, you need to start with the layers beneath those. Use your nut driver to unscrew those panels. Now you can finally pull the old stereo out.

Unplug all the factory connections, including the AM and FM antennae. The wire harness will be connected to the factory stereo, which you need to disconnect as well.

Step 3: Prepare Wire Harness and Stereo

The first work of this step is doing your stereo wire harness. This is actually the preparation for the aftermarket stereo harness.

You'll find both of them sharing the same colored wires. All you have to do is match color for color. Meanwhile, organize all of your installation accessories too.

Now attach the dash kits to the two sides of the new stereo box. Once done, you're all set to move on to the connection of the harness.

connecting all wires and prepare the stereo

Here comes the requirement for butt connectors:

Strip the wires back using the wire strippers. While doing this, make sure you choose the appropriate gauge and don't cut through the entire wire.

Next, you need to twist the wire, place the butt connector on the top, and slide the butt connector inside the v-shaped mouth of your crimp. After that, press the crimps to develop a properly connected wire-butt-connector component.

Once you're done connecting all the cables together color by color, take the zip tie, and cover the wires to ensure they don't get dangled.

Experts’ Tip: Some like using tapes, but we highly recommend zip ties because they are safe and don't cause electronic mishaps.

It's time to mount your unit once you connect the car stereo harness. We like to do the double din replacement in this particular application. A factory double din will work fine. Utilize the brackets by taking them off the factory stereo.

Now, slide the brackets into the bracket spot of the new car stereo. Over the factory mounting bracket, you will use the dash kit.

At this point, you'll find all the screw points lined up, matching each other. Now use the screws that go well with your car stereo model.

Step 4: Installation of the New Stereo

Once you're done with ISO mounting your car stereo and wiring up your harness, be ready to put the stereo into the vehicle. Consider other accessories like your Bluetooth, microphone, or rear USB to your glove box.

Now take the pre-wired harness; it'll be plugged into the factory connection. You can be assured of the connection by hearing the clicking sound.

Installing of the New Stereo

Plug everything in the stereo, secure it with some screws, and put on the panels all over again. And you’re done with your touchscreen car stereo installation!

Safety Tips

  • Always go through the manuals before jumping into the process
  • Try to avoid tape and use zip ties instead
  • Cover the leakages in the wires no matter what
  • Disconnect the battery before working
  • Feel free to take help from professionals if you think you aren't ready yet

Wrapping Up!

Owning a fully upgraded, super convenient touchscreen stereo is never too late.
So, through this write up, we believe you should now clearly understand how to install a touch screen car stereo all by yourself!

But along with the Dos, you need to be concerned about the don'ts as well. Maintaining safety is the first condition.

Yet, if you're still confused, you can always take help from a professional, and it won’t also cost you much!

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