How To Test Car Stereo With Multimeter

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Troubleshooting a vehicle stereo can help you discover the underlying issues behind radio disruption. Stereo testing is a very complex task and very time-consuming. If you are a noob at handling wires and electrical devices, then you better start learning how to test car stereo with multimeter.

Stereos can go bad at any time, it can be basic wire damage, loose connections, voltage issues and what not. If you ever end up with a bad radio system in your vehicle, you must have the wires tested using a multimeter. A multimeter is a piece of electrical equipment that can be used to measure resistance, current and voltage.

In this article we will talk about how to use a multimeter to test power wire, ground wire, voltage, etc. Keep reading to discover.

A multimeter also known as an ohmmeter is a tool for electronic technicians that can measure different readings such as resistance, current and voltage. As we are talking about stereo systems, it is wise to say that a multimeter is a crucial device that can test the wiring aspects of a stereo.

Mostly you will need it for:

  • Continuity testing
  • Testing voltage
  • Testing ground wire
  • Checking wire signal

And other parameters.

Testing A Car Stereo With Multimeter - Checking The Continuity

To make sure the current is flowing into the circuit properly you will have to do the continuity test. This is the first parameter that you must check, before moving on to other things. This is how it is done:

Step 1: Set the multimeter to ohms. Then undo the stereo and pull it out of the frame. You will see the connecting wires on the back wire panel.

Step 2: Take the one lead and connect it to the wire end you want to test. The other lead will follow up on the opposite end of the wire.

Step 3: Look For Continuity on the meter display. A functional wire should prompt continuous reading. If the reading is not fluctuating, then there is a possible break inside the wire. That calls for a replacement.

Testing Stereo Power Wire

Any mismanagement of the power wire will cause the stereo to malfunction. It might not even turn on. To check if the power is optimum, Follow this method.

Step 1: Take the multimeter and put it in the DC voltage function.

Step 2: Place the lead (red) on the positive end of the stereo terminal. The black goes into the negative end.

Step 3: A functional wire will have a reading of 12v and sometimes even more. Anything below that points out that the power is not optimum.

Testing Stereo Power Wire

Checking The Voltage

Keep in mind that we are dealing with wires that are connected to the back end of the stereo.

So whatever parameters you plan to test, you need to undo the stereo harness from the compartment.

To check voltage you must do the following serially.

Checking The voltage of a car stereo

Step 1: Disconnect the rear harness that feeds the radio.

Step 2: Now on the multimeter, set the volts DC option.

Step 3: Take the multimeter positive lead and connect it to the wire end that you plan to test. The negative lead has to touch the bare metal on the radio frame.

Step 3: See what happens. If the meter shows a reading within 11-16 volts, then the wires are working just fine. If the measurement is very low, then you have to guess that there is something wrong with the ground wire.

How To Check The Signals On Antenna Wire

For receiving signals, there you have an antenna. From here the signals are transmitted through wirings to the radio. Any kind of short circuit can disrupt the process. To test whether it's ok or not, follow these:

  • Undo the antenna wire from the back of the radio.
  • Start placing one end of the lead onto the metal part of the antenna and the other goes into the metal core of the cable.
  • If the reading on the multimeter is zero ohms, then the signal is being transferred correctly. Anything above zero means there is some obstruction to the signal in the wire.

How To Test Car Stereo Without Car

What if you have a stereo that is yet to be set up in the car? How to test a car stereo before installation? Well, don't worry we have you covered. This testing process is called a bench test. This is what you need to do.

Step 1: The stereo system, the harness that came with the radio, power source 12V(car battery) and alligator clamps.

Step 2: Now take the yellow and red wire then connect it to the car battery’s positive terminal. Use an alligator clamp to hold the wire into the terminal.

Step 3: Then the black wire goes into the negative end of the battery.

Step 4: Turn on the radio and see if it runs properly. If it works, then the stereo is fine. If not, then there could be a loose connection with the battery or might be a fuse issue.

Some Important Things To Remember

  • You have to change the settings on the multimeter, depending on which wire you are working on. Mostly you will use a DC voltage function to get the reading.
  • Ensure that the multimeter comes with two leads. These probes generally go into each end of the wire you are testing.
  • When you are working with DC voltage reading, you must put the red lead of the multimeter to the positive end and the black lead goes to the negative terminal.
  • While testing resistance, always make sure that the multimeter is in Ohms setting.

Wrapping Up

It is wise to test the car stereo right after you purchase it and before installation. This ensures that there is no issue with the device and is ready to be used on a vehicle. What if your existing stereo starts to go bad? Imagine the stereo turning off suddenly. Worrying isn't it?

If you come up with such problems, then you can easily evaluate the stereo system wires using a multimeter. How to test car stereo with multimeter? Well, it's pretty straightforward but does need experience and knowledge to handle electrical components.

Using a multimeter, you can check whether the ground wire, antenna wire and power wire are in working condition or not. If the methods mentioned in this article are far from your reach, you can always seek help from a car audio specialist.

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