How To Set Clock On Blaupunkt Car Stereo – Step By Step

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by CarAudioHunt

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Setting the clock on the Blaupunkt car stereo can sometimes be challenging, especially when you don’t know the “actual” ways to proceed. So, how to set clock on the Blaupunkt car stereo, then?

Telling from experience, the process is super basic! All you have to do is locate the right buttons and know which to press when (yes, We will have all these covered in the following section). But, let us clarify this, the ways shown here apply to most Blaupunkt stereos. The process may vary depending on the versions, so it’s highly recommended that you always check on the manual first before proceeding.

So, without further ado, let’s binge on then!

After running through the manuals and figuring things out (the hard way, obviously!), We realised it’s not as challenging as it looks! So, here’s how you proceed:

Know Your Buttons

Never jump on adjusting the time unless you’re aware of the button controls! This can only mess up the Blaupunkt settings. So, check on the buttons and then proceed (your manual will come in handy here)

Press on the Blaupunkt’s Time Adjustment Button

Now, the button can vary depending on your Blunpunkt model (in some cases, it can be the “Mute” button too, i.e., Blaupunkt Barcelona 240 model). So, once you know the button (you can find it in your manual), press it for a few seconds. You should now have a time flash on the screen.

Adjust the Time

Use your Blaupunkt buttons and adjust the hours and minutes! No need to worry; they’re pretty straightforward to adjust! Once you proceed, you’ll know.

Note: The sideway arrow buttons are the ones you’ll press to adjust the minutes and hours
Adjusting the Time on Blaupunkt Stereo

Select and Confirm

Once you’re done setting up your time, click on the adjustment button and confirm. Now, you should have your time flashing on the screen of your Blaupunkt.

Bottom Line

Now, you should have your Blaupunkt clock all set! Initially, it’s pretty apparent for any “first-time” user to struggle. But once you know the ins and outs, setting the time will take a few minutes! So, know your Blaupunkt car stereo version and thoroughly read the manual; this should be enough to ease your work. Yet, if you struggle, you can always get help from an expert (but it’s unlikely)!

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