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Blaupunkt vs Pioneer Car Stereo Comparison

Selecting a head unit for your car among thousands of brands is undoubtedly challenging. Thanks to online marketing, customer reviews, and shops, it's much easier to figure out which one's currently trendy nowadays. But while looking for a reliable stereo, the first comparison you'll see would be Blaupunkt vs Pioneer car stereo.

Blaupunkt and Pioneer have been around for decades now and they've always been on this ultimate war. However, the major difference between these two brands would be the price. But, sadly, Blaupunkt's service came slightly down over the years. Pioneer's head units are quite more expensive than Blaupunkt, and so do the performance. The stereos from Pioneer can beat off Blaupunkt in the case of quality.

Anyway, before you make an impulsive decision, consider going through the entire blog. We're about to judge every trait that differentiates these two leading brands. Stay tuned!

To make a valid decision, you must learn enough about the brands. This way, you can assume how they would perform once installed.

Blaupunkt - Brief Discussion

It breaks our hearts to state that the leading brand, Blaupunkt's service, is going down day by day. Once, it was one of the most trendy stereo brands.

It still certainly is as popular as before, but we can't say the same about its products' quality, service, or durability. Currently, their production is entirely subcontracted to China, which explains the quality downfall. Being outsourced to a single territory can't lead to anything exceptional.

Back in 1924, Blaupunkt first entered the market with the name 'Ideal'. In 1938, the owner changed the name to its current one.

Soon enough, the brand became Germany's greatest stereo system maker. Gradually it engaged with luxurious automobile brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi. No wonder why this stereo is still at the top of enthusiasts' lists even though its quality had a downfall.

Blaupunkt stereo Outlooking

Key Benefits of Getting Blaupunkt

  • You can enjoy full HD video with it
  • Front Aux-in available
  • DVD disc format compatible
  • Features steering wheel controls

What Could Be Better In Blaupunkt Stereo?

  • Sound quality could be better

Pioneer - Brief Discussion

Pioneer is undoubtedly a reliable brand and supplies the best versions of stereos to the current market. Pioneer was the first producer of car stereos that can amplify the audio to speakers around the vehicle formlessly adjusted.

You'll be amazed to know that the founder of this brand Nozomu Matsumoto started his journey by making speakers in his garage. Gradually it established itself as the best car stereo production brand.

Some of the highlights of Pioneer's work will be:

  • Introduced the very first CD player with head units in 1984
  • Launched the first GPS system in car stereos in 1990
  • It was also the producer of the first built-in DVD system in vehicles around 1996

Over the years, Pioneer has already touched the sky in the case of achievements. And the story still goes on since the brand uses 7% of its fund for development and research.

Key Benefits of Getting Pioneer Stereo

  • It allows you to move the screen left, right, forward as well as backward
  • Its HD touchscreen display comes with all advanced features
  • Lets you connect to Android interrogation such as Google Maps, weather, text, and other applications
  • You can connect to Apple music and receive calls through this car stereo
  • Compatible with remote control

Drawbacks of Getting Pioneer Stereo

  • Slightly expensive

Comparison Between Blaupunkt CAMDEM18 and Pioneer MVH1400NEX Car Stereo

When determining which one is best for your car, you need to determine certain specifications first, like their sound systems and what they can bring you to the table!

So, for a better and more in-depth comparison, let us take two models of the same quality in hand, and see how they actually differ.


Blaupunkt CAMDEM18 

Pioneer MVH1400NEX


Blaupunkt CAMDEM18

Pioneer MVH1400NEX Double Car stereo


Bluetooth, Auxiliary cable and USB

Bluetooth, Aux input and USB

Compatible Devices

Any smartphone and Apple iPhone

iOS and Android

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)

9.2 x 8.6 x 7.1 inches

11.1 x 9.7 x 3.45 inches

Controller Type

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Bluetooth Version




6.9 inches

6.2 inches

AMP Channels



Rear Camera Input



AUX Input



USB Input



Output Wattage

30 watts

50 watts


Both the Blaupunkt CAMDEM18 and the Pioneer MVH1400NEX are astounding stereos because of the exceptional features they both have to offer.


Why isn't Blaupunkt as good as before?

Blaupunkt didn't take international marketing seriously. Plus, in order to be more affordable, it took the risk of compromising its interior quality, which didn't work out well. However, it still is a decent brand, and working on the quality will bring it back on the edge.

Why is Pioneer more expensive?

It has written its name as one of the most luxurious brands mostly due to its advanced connectivity and video features. But compared to other leading brands, we believe it's a reasonable car stereo in terms of price and sound quality.

Which is better than Pioneer and Blaupunkt?

Kenwood, although it comes at the same price as Pioneer, is more versatile and offers even greater specs than Pioneer. And if we talk about sound quality, it can easily leave Blaupunkt behind as well.

Wrapping Up!

If you significantly focus on the specs list, Blaupunkt would seem like a practical choice since it's more affordable. But in the long run, it won't be a wise idea.

If we judge its sound quality and performance, it won't even be able to beat off its previous version let alone a high-end brand like Pioneer.

Speaking of Pioneer, it still is the shining brand like it was from the very beginning. The brand never compromises when it comes to developing and bringing new stereo features to the market.

So, it's time to wrap up today's blog on Blaupunkt vs. Pioneer car stereo with our final winner, Pioneer!

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