How To Reset Boss Car Stereo

Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by CarAudioHunt

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When music is life, The Best Quality Boss Car stereos are there to serve! However, there are times when you may require resetting your Boss Stereo (whether it be for enhancing quality music or any other reasons). So, how to reset the Boss car stereo in the most effective way possible?

Well, the first thing that you must do is go through the preparations. Once done, you need to proceed with resetting the entire unit. Finally, run down the unit test, and you should be good to go! Now, there are times when users tend to fail when it comes to “effective resetting”.

In this blog, We will get you skimmed through the best ways you can reset your Boss stereo in no time. So, without further ado, let’s binge on!

You first need to ensure that your Boss stereo stays unaffected while you proceed with the reset. For this, you must follow these precautionary steps:

Step 1: Get Your Engine Turned Off

Remember this, no matter which brand’s stereo you’re dealing with, if it’s about resetting the unit, you must get your engine turned off first! The reason is when you tend to reset your Boss stereo, there can be times when there might be electrical faults that can damage the entire sound system.

Step 2: Disconnect the Negative Cables

Disconnecting all the cables will double-check that there aren’t any electrical charges that can affect the stereo. Once you have disconnected it, wait for a minute or so before proceeding again.

Step 3: Find the Rest Button

Well, as far as We are concerned, you’ll generally find the reset button in the front cabinet of the stereo. So, you can either use a pin to press the reset button or even remove the front panel to find the button’s location. But, not promising it, as different Boss stereo versions can have different reset button locations. Checking the manual would help you here!

Get Ready For The Reset

Once you’re done with your preparations, it’s time to reset the Boss stereo unit (and yes, the preparation step is a must, no matter what!)

Step 1: Long Press on Your Reset Button

Now, you have to long-press the reset button for a few seconds.

Step 2: Release the Hold

After some time, release the button. You should see that your stereo has automatically restarted.

Note: If the stereo doesn’t restart, there can be technical errors on the stereo, and you need a technician to fix it.

Step 3: Reset is on Process

So, if your stereo does restart, it should proceed with the resetting. Now, it’s natural for the process to take some time. But once done, your stereo is all set!

Step 4: Test Your Boss Stereo

Once the reset is complete, turn on the stereo unit and thoroughly check if everything’s properly reset. Checking the settings is a must (like the overall volume and the sound quality).

Bottom Line

By now, you should have your Boss stereo ready for some music! But let us get this clear! Different Boss stereo versions have different resetting processes. So, to get your Boss stereo “perfectly” reset, you need to know the version you’re using.

All the steps and processes mentioned here are for “in general” Boss stereos. However, if you do struggle with it, you’re always open to the assistance of an expert.

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