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How To Choose A Second Battery For Car Audio

If you need a second battery for car audio and have decided to purchase a new one but do not know how to choose the right one, then you are in the right place. Choosing a second battery is the easiest thing to do as you do not have much to debate on. The condition and family of your primary battery determine most of the criteria.

Your second battery should be of the same family as the primary battery, and it is a must. Now, we will show how you can use battery dimension, battery type and battery power rating to choose the best auxiliary battery for you.

When buying a second battery for car audio, the first condition is the battery should perfectly fit in the available space. Secondly, the auxiliary battery should be of the same family as the primary battery. Finally, it should adequately meet your power requirements.

Now, let us have a detailed glance.

1. Battery Type

No matter where you set up the battery, you should first measure the dimensions of the battery to align it with the designated space.

Also, make sure the mounting position can handle the battery’s weight.

2. Battery Dimension

There are a lot of options when it comes to a second battery for car audio. But, it is highly recommended that you avoid any imbalance between the two batteries. Otherwise, the imbalance will eventually damage both of the batteries.

In action, the wet cell battery has a lower voltage than the AGM battery. A wet cell battery cannot match the AGM’s higher voltage without any external current. At a point, the AGM battery will supply current to the lead-acid battery, becoming wholly drained out. You will have to experience several such complexities if the battery type does not match.

So, you should consider a battery similar in type, age, brand, or family for optimum performance.

3. Battery Power Rating

Now comes the most crucial aspect. There are three main metrics to decide the second battery’s optimum power, Reserved Capacity, Cold Cranking-Amps, and Cranking-Amps. We will not make it long to discuss the tedious process of battery power calculations. Rather than that, we will offer you an easy way out.

Your selected battery’s reserve capacity should be the same or more than your system requirements. Also, as an extra battery, it is better to choose a higher reserve capacity battery than a higher-cranking amp battery. It will ensure your car battery can supply power without being drained quickly.

Wrapping Up

We have laid out only the fundamental aspects that are crucial for choosing a second battery for car audio. You can always check for more but these three criteria will suffice as long as you remember the rule of thumb.

“Your second battery should be of the same family as the primary battery, and it is a must.”

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