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How To Connect Android Phone To Car Stereo USB

If your car has a built-in USB port, you don't have to rely on CDs or radio channels to enjoy your favorite music. With the USB port, you can connect your Android phone to your car stereo and directly play music from your phone to the speakers. Now the question is how to connect Android Phone to car stereo USB.

Well, the process is simple; you locate the USB port on your car stereo first. Take a compatible USB cable. Connect one end of it to the USB port and the end to your Android phone. Set up the connection from your phone and stereo. Finally, test the connection by playing a music file.

Let's dive into the details and learn how you can easily connect your mobile phone to your car stereo using the USB port.

Before anything else, you must choose a USB cable compatible with your device. Older Android phones have a USB-B port whereas the newer models have a USB-C port. So, choose the USB cable accordingly.

Follow the steps given below to connect Android to car stereo USB-

Step One: Locate the USB Port

Typically, the USB port is located on the car stereo beside the volume or other control buttons. It looks like any regular USB port you see on your computer. In some cases, there will be a trident sign beside the USB port which makes it even easier to recognize.

If the USB port is not on the stereo, look for it on the center pocket console or glove box. The port is sometimes placed inside the armrest where the auxiliary port is located. You can refer to your owner's manual in case you can't find the USB port in the above-mentioned spots.

Step Two: Connect the USB Cable

Now, take a compatible USB cable to connect your Android device. If your phone packaging included a USB cable, We recommend using it for a more secure connection. Otherwise, you can buy a USB cable from any retailer.

Remember, some cables are only for powering the phone which can't transfer data to the stereo. Make sure you choose the right USB cable that transfers data and powers the phone too. Now, turn your car on and put it in parking mode.

Take the USB cable and connect the wider end of the cable to your car's USB port and plug the other end into your Android phone.

Connect the USB Cable to Android Phone

Step Three: Give Necessary Permissions

As you can connect your Android phone to the stereo, you'll see a USB icon on the notification bar of your phone. Open the notification and choose 'USB Connected'. Tap on 'Mount SD Card' and wait for the information message.

The notification text will vary depending on your mobile brand and model. Some might directly ask for permission to give access to your stored data.

Give the necessary permissions so that stereo can read the data on your phone.

Permissions from Android Phone To Car Stereo

Step Four: Select Audio File on Stereo

Now, take a look at your stereo screen. It will start reading the SD card of your phone. You can pick your preferred music after that and play an audio file to test if the connection is secure.

Note: When you're playing music from your phone using USB, you can't play songs from the internet. The files must be stored in your SD card so that the data can be transmitted to the stereo through the USB cable.

Expert Tips and Suggestions

Well, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to getting “the perfect” Android phone to car stereo USB connection. Here are some of our expert tips that you should follow while connecting your Android phone to a car stereo using USB:

Make sure the USB cable is in the right format:

While connecting your phone to the stereo, you must ensure the USB cable is in the appropriate format.

In this case, a FAT32 format is suitable since that is the only recognized format option provided by the stereo manufacturers.

Re-inserting your USB cable if the cable is not being recognized:

Sometimes when you connect your phone using a USB cable, the stereo system might not be able to recognize your device.

This is a minor problem faced by users; however, reinserting the USB cable may fix the problem (only if the appropriate format is maintained).

You can also try a different USB port or cable if that does not fix the problem.

Note: If you can’t solve the issue, don’t force it! Instead, consult a technician to back you up with the situation.

Making use of Android Auto:

Android Auto is the future of entertainment in car stereos! It allows you to take control of your entertainment by using voice commands.

Yes, Bluetooth, too, offers a wireless connection, but you still need to go through your phone to play music or pick up calls.

However, once you set up Android Auto using a USB cable or Bluetooth, you’ll have a safer and more fun journey, thanks to the hands-free experience offered by Android Auto!

Use a different port if one doesn't work:

Some vehicles have multiple USB ports for different functions. So, if you're not able to play audio through the stereo speaker after connecting the phone, it might be the wrong USB port. Try connecting the Android phone to a different USB port to check if it plays from the phone.

Wrapping Up!

So, now you know how to connect Android to car stereo USB in the simplest way. Connecting your Android phone to your car’s stereo USB opens up new portals to entertainment. It allows you to play music, navigate to places, pick up calls, charge your phone, and many more.

Compared to the old generation, the connection between the car’s stereo and your phone is faster and better now. In case the mentioned method doesn't work for your stereo, take your vehicle to an expert to see what went wrong.

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