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Android 9 vs 10 Car Stereo Comparison – What’s The Difference?

If you're planning on getting an Android car stereo, you might already know android has different versions for this. Now, which one should you go for, Android 9 or 10? Well, "The newer, the better" this quote doesn’t work when it comes to car stereos.

Although both Android 9 and Android 10 are excellent when it comes to performance, we believe the 9.0 version deserves some extra points.

Even though version 10 is the latest one, android 9 definitely has better visuals, smarter notification functions, extra power, and better organised.

So, want to know the ultimate “Android 9 vs 10 Car Stereo Comparison?” Binge on till the end.

Comparing these two can help us take the fair side. Android 9 version came in their sixth major launch, while version 10 came in the seventh.

This section will walk you through the key differences between these two Android versions.

android car stereo overview

1. Looks and Themes

Here comes the fun part. Even technicians judge a component by its looks first. Let’s see which one wins your heart!

  • Version 9.0: It features variable colors kit for Android's OS eco-function. You get to change the theme and color according to your mood.
  • Version 10: This version comes with a bunch of themes. The main appeal is its all-over dark theme; it's really classy and bold.

2. Battery Health

This is the most significant trait. The battery should provide performance for long hours. So, choose wisely.

  • Version 9.0: Its battery performance is quite mind-blowing and, of course, very reliable. With this version, Google presented automatic ductile battery functions.
  • Version 10: Due to the dark mode, it beats 9.0 in battery life. Actually, its battery life is better than any other android car stereo version.

3. Emojis

The emojis section is specified in the messaging app. 

  • Version 9.0: It is stamped as the second-best vendor to offer emoji functions. This version has 157 different fun emojis with the best visual quality.
  • Version 10: It lets the users enjoy 'Smart Reply' functions, but it's not so great at emojis and their visuals.

4. Privacy & Safety

Here is another significant feature that you can't compromise!

  • Version 9.0: Its security system is much more upgraded than other versions. The privacy setting is quite simple, which is a plus point.
  • Version 10: We love the permission setting for location accessibility in this version. You get to choose whether any third party can see your location. But the security function is quite complex to work quickly.

5. Notifications

Smarter notification systems are a must in modern days. Let's see which one among versions 9 and 10 suits you better.

  • Version 9.0: If we speak competitively, version 9 definitely wins with its powerful, organised, and efficient notification functions. It lets you reply from the notification panel while you have other tabs.
  • Version 10: Notifications appear as bubbles through chat heads seem really cool in the car stereo. You can use floating windows for the notifications in the version as well. Although these make it smarter, it's not as bundled up as version 9.

Final Thoughts

Car stereos are not all about the music now. So, whenever we think of upgrading the system, we must double-check every function.

However, after going through the android 9 vs 10 car stereo discussion, it's obvious that Android 9 is the better pick. Although version 10 is undoubtedly an excellent and classy system, version 9 is better at performance and functions.

Now it's all up to you. Let us know which one has impressed you better.

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